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Texas Presentation

Texas Family Magazine:

“Ask The Expert”

“Discipline In A Hurry”

“The Big Fat Truth About Obesity”

“Time Out Doesn’t Work”

“It’s Never Too Early To Plan For Kindergarten”

About Families Magazine: “Time Out Doesn’t Work”

Georgia Family Magazine:  “How Much Technology is Too Much?”

Sacramento Parent:  “How Much Tech. Time Is Too Much?”

Parenting Magazine, Central Penn:“Playing At Summer”

Parenting Magazine, Central Penn: “What’s The Point in Summer?”

Coastal Family Magazine: “It’s Never Too Early To Plan For Kindergarten”

Family-Life Magazine: “Playing At Summer”

”What’s The Point in Summer?”

“It’s Never Too Early To Plan For Kindergarten”

Big Apple Parent / Brooklyn Parent/ Queens Parent/Rockland Parent / Westchester Parent Magazine  “Making Technology Work For Your Child”

“The Big Fat Question of Obesity”

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